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Informing you about a cyber-security incident


  1.   Can you tell me what happened? Does it relate to me?

On November 3rd, we detected illegal access by hackers to one of our employees email accounts, which gave them access to some of our internal systems. Please be assured that we continue to service all of our customers as normal. We have found no evidence that credit card information or customer passwords were accessed.

We have discovered that information relating to a small number of our customers has been affected. We have contacted directly all customers whose personal information has been impacted and will extend all necessary support to those customers.

In line with best practice in response to these unfortunately increasing occurrences globally, Ding has notified the Irish Data Protection Commissioner of this incident. 

In response to this incident Ding immediately activated its cyber incident response and commenced a forensic investigation,  which is ongoing. 


  1.       Can I continue to use Ding/ezetop services as normal?

Of course. The services we provide to you through, the Ding app, DingConnect or our APIs  have not been impacted   - all our services are operating as normal. 

  1.       What should I do?

Unless you have received an email saying that you have been impacted, there is no action for you to take. Our services are continuing to run as normal. Please remain vigilant and contact our customer service  if you notice any strange activity, suspicious emails or calls. We will never ask for personal or financial information via text, emails or phone call.

  1.   When will I learn more? 

Ding has commissioned an investigation into the incident with the support of leading security experts. Our teams are working around the clock to ensure there is no further impact to our customers and the services we provide to you continue to operate as normal. We will provide updates on this page as more information becomes available.  


  1.       Has my data been breached?

We are working to understand the full extent of the breach. If we discover that your personal information may have been affected, we will be in touch directly and will offer further guidance and support.


  1.       What will Ding/ezetop do to support me?

We are contacting directly any customer whose personal data has been impacted and will extend those customers all the necessary support. 


  1.      Why weren’t Ding prepared for a data breach?

We take our responsibilities in this area extremely seriously and have a range of security measures in place to protect against this type of incident. We are doing everything in our power to understand how this happened and support those who we believe may be impacted. 


  1.       Is it going to happen again?

Ding has commissioned a comprehensive forensic investigation into the incident and carried out a series of measures to ensure the further protection of our customers' information. We are at early stages in our investigation and are working very hard to address the issue. During the course of the investigation and in the future, Ding will implement further security measures as may be required to protect customers' information.


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